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The purpose of this page is to share information and photographs with relatives and descendants of Stillman and Margaret Cook. You are welcome to copy and keep any of the photographs we post! If you have any information or photographs to share, please send it along!

Stillman & Margaret Cook
Gail, Tom & Mickey


This is a very special photograph! This is one of the few in which we have Mom & Dad together in the same image! We believe that the photo was taken in Grandpa & Grandma (Arthur & Margaret) Allen's driveway on Huffer Road in Hilton. Left to Right is their son, Tom Cook, granddaughter Michelle Herrmann, Dad (Stillman), daughter Gail, and Mom (Peggy). The age of Tom and Mickey, along with the fact that Gail may be pregnant for her second child, Terrynn places it in the summer of 1962. The photo was found among the family pictures that belonged to Art & Bernice Allen and posted on Facebook by Andrea Allen Deaton.


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