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The purpose of this page is to share information and photographs with relatives and descendants of Stillman and Margaret Cook. You are welcome to copy and keep any of the photographs we post! If you have any information or photographs to share, please send it along!

The Grandchildren of Margaret Allen Cook

Here are images of some of Grandma's Grandchildren- both when they were young and some a bit more recent! They are organized by parent. If you don't see your photo - please send me one! I will also be adding some more that I have!

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Children of Thomas Cook

Children of Andrew Cook

Children of Larry Cook

Children of Gary Cook

Children of Gail Cook Herrmann

Some group photos are found at the bottom of the page!

Grandma and ...These are images of Grandma and grand or great grand kids. Some we have identified some we haven't.

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 Greatgrandchildren Many of these images were sent by their parents. Feel free to send more!


Children of Thomas Cook

Timothy A. and Thomas R. Cook
circa 1979

Tim, circa 1981

Tom and Tim, April 1987

Tom Rebecca, and Emily Cook
May 2005


Tom, Becky, and Emily
December 2006


Chanse, Tim, and Shannon Cook
October 2008



Children of Andrew Cook (more photos to come!)

Suzette Cook Rightmeyer

Sisters Melissa and Suzette

Christina Cook





Children of Larry Cook (see group photos too!)

Richard and Margaret Cook

Richard, Christmas 1995

Margaret, Christmas 1995

David Cook Fall 1980

Pam Cook Fall 1980


Children of Gary Cook (also see group photos)


Right:Louis, Matthew, and Beth with family dog; undated photograph, probably from 1980 or 81

Below: Gary Cook and Betty Cook Clapper with Louis, Matthew and Beth and their families taken in the Fall of 2008.


Children of Gail Cook Herrmann

Michelle, Phillipp, and Terrynn 1991

Also see the group photos

Front (Lto R): Terrynn Herrmann Shipley, Melissa Shipley, Michelle Herrmann Hess, & Barbara Herrmann. Top row: Al Shipley & Phillipp Herrmann. Photo was taken in 2005.
Michelle, Phillipp, and Terrynn June 2010

Family of Michelle Herrmann Hess, taken 2/17/2012 at the funeral home.

Left to right 1st row

Phillip Herrmann
Barbara Herrmann
Terrynn Shipley
Melissa Shipley (15) Terrynn's daughter
Alvin Shipley (Terrynn's Husband)
Dana Hess (Jeff Hess wife)
2nd row left to right
Sean Proud (22) Terrynn's son
Corey Hess (22) Michelle's baby
Duane (Duke) Hess (Michelle's husband)
Jeff Hess (27) middle son
Bradley Hess (28) oldest son
Julianna Hess (Duane's sister in law) Jim's wife
Jim Hess (Duane's older brother)

Photo sent by Phillip Herrmann.





Tom Cook sitting with glasses in the Middle. Clockwise starting with me is Michelle (dau of Gail Cook Herrmann), Terrynn (dau of Gail Cook Herrmann), Matthew, Louis, (sons of Gary Cook), and Phillipp (son of Gail Cook Herrmann). I think the baby in my lap is my son Tom. Gail is sitting with her back to the camera.

The Photo is believed to habe been taken in early 1977 at Grandma Cook's apartment in Hilton

This celebration has several grandchilden in it. To the left in the black and white shirt is David (son of Larry Cook), to his right is Elizabeth (dau of Gary Cook), standing above her is Pam (dau of Larry). It looks like Matthew (son of Gary) and Tina (dau of Andrew) in the back with Louis (son of Gary) in the front right. The boy in front center is Ed Benner. Adults are Betty Gerow Cook (mother of Louis, Matthew, and Beth) and her father Mr. Gerow. It was taken on Cottage Street in Rochester on Thanksgiving in 1983.



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