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 Last Will and Testament of Frederick Tietenberg

The following is the Last Will and Testament of Frederick Tietenberg as found in the Monroe County Surrogate Court Records Volume 15 P 287-289. This transcription is based upon a photocopy purchased through SamPubCo in 2004 and includes all court records relating to the Will and Codicils. Please note two spellings of the name within the documents.



Record of Will

I Frederick Titenberg of the City of Rochester County of Monroe and State of New York do make publish and declare this my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say
I give and devise and bequeath the property situate on the Corner of Clinton Street and Bowery Street unto my wife Caroline for and during her natural life and after her death to my sons Frederic and Robert in fee.
But it is my will and I direct that my son Frederic shall have the control and management of the property and the use of the rents and profits of them after her death he paying for the benefit of my children, Louis, Robert, Ida, Emil and Bartra (?), interest upon the sum of $8,000 share and share alike in full of the said rents and profits for the period of ten years after the decease of my said wife and then the said property is to be equally divided between my son Fredericke & Robert.
All the rest and residue of my Estate real & personal I give devise and bequeath to my wife Caroline subject never the less to the payment of my just debts and my funeral expenses and in lieu of dower and also upon the condition that she release all claim of title to the fee of the property upon Clinton Street & Bowery Street to my two sons above named.
Witness my hand this 10th day of January 1871 F. Tietenberg

The forgoing instrument was at the date thereof signed sealed published and declared by the said Frederic Titenberg as and for his last Will and testament in our presence and we at his request and in his presence and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed out names as witnesses.
Charles H Clark Rochester Mon Co N.Y.
Carl Huttenschmied (two words follow the name which can't be identified)

State of New York
Monroe County
Be it Remembered, that on the day of the date hereof the last Will and Testament of Frederick Tietenberg late of the City of Rochester in said County deceased being the foregoing written instrument was duly proved before W. Dean Stuart Esq Surrogate of the said County, as and for the last Will and Testament of the Real and Personal Estate of said deceased; which said last Will and Testament and the proofs and examinations taken thereof are recorded in his office
L.S. In Testimony Whereof. The Surrogate of the said County has hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal of office this 3rd day of May 1871.
W.D. Stuart, Surrogate.

Surrogates Court Monroe County
In the Matter of Proving the last Will and Testament of Frederick Tietenberg, Deceased
Monroe County SS: Charles H Clark and Carl Huttenschmied being first duly Sworn in open Court upon their several corporal oaths each for himself doth depose and say that he is a subscribing witness to the last Will and Testament of Frederick Tietenberg late of the City of Rochester in the County of Monroe and State of New York deceased, And these deponents do further say that the said Frederick Tietenberg deceased, did in the presence of each of these deponents subscribe his name at the end of the instrument in writing which is now here shown to these deponents and which purports to be the last Will and Testament of the Said deceased, and which bears date on the 10th day of January one thousand eight hundred and Seventy one, Said died. Died at Rochester aforesaid on the 16th of March 1871. That the said deceased did at the time of subscribing his name to the said instrument as aforesaid declare the same to be his last Will and Testament: and these deponents did thereupon subscribe their own respective names at the end of said instrument as attesting witnesses to the execution thereof each at the request of the said deceased and in the his presence and in the presence of each other: That the said deceased, at the time of so subscribing his name to said instrument as aforesaid and publishing said instrument as aforesaid was upwards of twenty one years of age and a citizen of the United States: that he appeared to be and deponents believe he was of sound mind memory and understanding and not under any restraint and as deponents verily believe in all respects competent to devise real estate that each of these deponents saw the other sign his name to the said instrument in the presence of the said deceased.
Sworn this 3rd day of May 1871 Charles H Clark Carl Huttenschmied.
WD Stuart Surrogate of Monroe County

A true Record of the last Will and Testament of Frederick Tietenberg late of the city of Rochester in the County of Monroe and State of New York deceased and the proofs, proceedings, and examinations had and taken on admitting said Will to be proved and recorded according to laws as a Will of Real and Personal Estate.

W.D. Stuart, Surrogate

Recorded and Examined May 3rd 1871

W.D. Stuart, Surrogate

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