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Images of Muriel Grace Strang



To our branch of the Smith family, Muriel was a "lost" cousin.

Muriel Grace Strang was born to Harold and Lillian Strang. Lilian was the daughter of Joseph and Ida Smith, and sister to Grace Smith Allen McAllister, my Great Grandmother.

Lillian Josephine married Harold Strang in 1912. Muriel was born two years later on December 4, 1914. Tragically, her mother died only six months later. Muriel lived with her Grandparents in Rochester for a while, then went to live with her Father and his mother. According to her family, when Muriel was older she talked about her cousins in Rochester, and talked of the gift packages sent to her from her Mother's family.

It is likely that the photograph above was sent by Harold Strang to either Muriel's Grandparents in Rochester, or to her Aunt Grace.

Over time, the connections between the Smiths in Rochester and Muriel slowly faded. Since her great aunt Lillian died before she was born, my Mother did not know much about her and never was certain as to whether she had children - only that she died young. Muriel's photograph was handed down ended up in a box with other unlabeled images - pictures that my Mother and Uncle could not identify.

Only recently did we rejoin two branches of the Smith family. Through our website we made contact with one of Murial's two children. It is through Henry and Mary Alice Haas that we have "found" our "lost" cousin!

You will find below two addition photographs sent to us by Henry and Mary Alice. We thank them for their help!



Above: Muriel Grace Strang Haas Taken December 1982. She died in 2002.

Left: Muriel with her father Harold Melville Strang (b 1888- d. 1949) Photo was probably taken around 1925.

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