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Our Mystery Photographs

The photographs shown below were found among the family photographs of Arthur and Margaret Blekkenk Allen. Unfortunately, there is little or no information on the photographs! We are hoping that some visitor can help us solve some of these mysteries!

They could be of the following families; Allen, Blekkenk, Kessler, Smith, Schmidt, Hunt, Tietenberg, Wundes, Greenman, Goldenarm, Niner, Setzer - or maybe distance cousins or family friends!

If you have any ideas or clues, please email me!

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Photo 1 

SOLVED! This is a family reunion of the Bleaking Family. (see Blekkenk Genealogy). According to Teri Batten, who is a descendant of Henry Bleaking, this photo was taken at Richfield Springs around 1918 or 1919. Henry Bleaking is though to be the older man sitting at the top of the stairs, with his wife, Catherine Foley Bleaking on the other side of the stairs. Teri's Grandmother is the woman in the white blouse in the upper left of the image. Thanks Teri for solving this mystery!

 Photo 2

SOLVED! Teri does it again. This newly married couple is John Nolan and Betty Bleaking. Betty was the daugher of Henry Bleaking jr - she died in 1975.

 Photo 3

No labeling. Is the man in a uniform of some sort?

Photo 4 

Labeling on back "Taken Aug. 6, 1918 age 93"


Photo 5  No Labeling


Photo 6 Similar to individuals in the Blekkenk Tintype #3?


Photo 7 Real photo postcard - has "Miss C. Jansen 55 Hollister" on the back.


Photo 8 No Labeling


Photo 9 This was taken in the same city that the Goldenarm Family came from -could this be a relative of Elizabeth Goldenarm Blekkenk?


Photo 10 No labeling



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