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Our Mystery Photographs Page 2

The photographs shown below were found among the family photographs of Arthur and Margaret Blekkenk Allen. Unfortunately, there is little or no information on the photographs! We are hoping that some visitor can help us solve some of these mysteries!

They could be of the following families; Allen, Blekkenk, Kessler, Smith, Schmidt, Hunt, Tietenberg, Wundes, Greenman, Goldenarm, Niner, Setzer - or maybe distance cousins or family friends!

If you have any ideas or clues, please email me!

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Photo 11

Solved! Thanks to information provided by two of their family members, we have been able to identify these people. Shown here is Mrs. Irene Phippens Briggs and her three girls, (right to left) Mary, Jean Louise, and Jane. At this time we don't think they are related - perhaps friend of George Blekkenk. Thanks to Victoria Gordon and to Robert Brown for their help!

 Photo 12

Was taken by Miller, State Street, Rochester NY

Photo 13

Real photo postcard, probably WWI era.

Photo 14 

Solved! According to a new found cousin, these are two of Kessler "Girls", Minnie and Carrie. They were sisters of our Great Grandmother Emma Kessler Blekkenk. Minnie was Wilhelmina - Carrie might be Catherine. The features of these two sisters leads us to believe that we have two more in photo 13! Thanks Jeanne for the indentification!


Photo 15  
Photographer was W J Nolan & Co, Chicago Illinois


Photo 16

More recent, but undated. Could be from the 40's or 50's?


Photo 17


Photo 18

No labeling of any kind.


Photo 19 Cute kids - but who are they?


Photo 2Photo 20

Photograph taken by Schlitzer, State Str Rochester



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