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The purpose of this page is to share information and photographs with relatives and descendants of Stillman and Margaret Cook. You are welcome to copy and keep any of the photographs we post! If you have any information or photographs to share, please send it along!

Two 20th Century Mohawk Warriors


Mohawks have served in many of America's Wars. From the Revolution to the Civil War to Vietnam and beyond they have joined their Iroquois brothers in "taking up the hatchet". Our Andrew Woodrow Sariwahen'te Cook and William John Rasen'nes Cook both went to War and lost their lives in service to one of their two nations.





Uncle Andy joined the Army Corp of Engineers in World War II. He was killed by a Japanese sniper near Manila in February of 1945. After the death of his brother, our father, Stillman Cook joined the army. He received his training in Georgia, but the War ended before he was sent overseas.



Uncle Bill Cook was a fighter pilot in the Pacific Theater of World War II. He later flew during the Korean Conflict. He was killed in a training accident at Cherry Point in 1952 while training other pilots for night flying missions.

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