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Site Map

 A general history of the family of Stillman and Margaret Cook can be found through the first link below. This includes photographs and stories. The Family history Pages will take you to the genealogical data on our family lines. Photographs and documents are also included on those pages. Our What's New page will help frequent visitors know what is new or updated!


Family Page of Stillman and Margaret Cook

Our Family History Pages

What's New!

Links and Resources

Mystery Photographs


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The Story of Our Site

Welcome to the family history website of the Cook and Allen Family. The site was created in July of 1999. It was originally created as a tribute to our brother Andy and our Mother who died that year. It was thought that these pages would be a place where her grandchildren and great grandchildren could go to learn more about their Grandma and her family.

Mom was always interested in the family history. From the time we were little we heard the family stories. Then, around 1978 Mom and I started to work on the genealogy. Our research led us to ancestors that had been "lost", and we had the thrill finding old records and exploring forgotten cemeteries in the search for our past.

The work continued off and on over the ensuing years, with other family members joining in. With the help of ever developing computer technologies, the assistance of relatives (including newly discovered ones!), and the growing wealth of genealogical sites and researchers, we have made significant strides in unlocking the history of our Family. Recently we have begun to use DNA testing to expand our paths to our past.

The work necessitates a shift in the structure and nature of the website. Originally established as a personal family memorial written for Margaret Allen Cook, it now provides more in-depth family history site which will provide more genealogical information.

At the present time, visitors can either visit the Family Page of Stillman and Margaret Cook and learn about our family through photographs and documents, or go to the Cook-Allen Family History Page and explore the family's history. The most updated family tree can be found on We will, overtime, continue to update the family lines on this page.

The site continues, and will continue to be dedicated to the memory of my Mother, my Uncle and my brother Andy. But their memory will be even better served as they take their place in the proud story of an American Family which will hopefully unfold in months and years to come.


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this site is dedicated to the memory of our Mother and Brother to whom family was always important. Also to our Uncle Art, who was and will always be a cornerstone of our family.

Margaret Allen Cook


Andrew W. Cook




Arthur L Allen





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