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Here are the latest additions and updates to our site!

Stillman Cook with his Twin Sons in Studio (5 Nov 2017) Great view of Dad with long hair with Gary and Larry around 1943.

Stillman & Margaret Cook with Gail, Tom, and Michelle (5 Nov 2017) Wonderful image of Mom and Dad with some of their kids and granddaughter at Huffer Road around 1962.

Grandpa and Grandma on Huffer Road, Christmas 1965 (4 Oct 2015) A nice photo of our grandparents taken in the living room of Uncle Art and Aunt Bernie's house on Huffer Road.

Stillman Cook in the Civilian Conservation Corps. (22 June 2014) These documents from the National Archives shed some light on Grandpa Cook's early life.

Four Generations in Hilton, Grandma Allen and Gail, and Michelle in her Carriage.(4 March 2014) These three family photos were sent in by Terryn Herrmann Shipley. Thanks Terryn!

Dad and Jan in our driveway in Hemlock 1965 (18 February 2014) This great photo of Stillman Cook and his daughter in law Jan Tegart Cook was sent by her daughter Missy!

Cook Family Reunion Photos (18 August 2013) Here are some photos from the Cook Family Reunion held on August 17, 2013.

Dad visiting the Allen's on Huffer Road (28 July 2012) These four photographs capture Stillman Cook on visits to his brother and sister in law's home in Hilton in 1952-53

The Story of a Civil War Soldier (13 July 2012) This is the story of our ancestor Henry L Allen of the 28th New York

Mom and Dad in the 1940 Census (29 April 2012) The 1940 Census is out and we found Stillman and Margaret Cook!

The Family of Michelle Herrmann Hess (23 Feb 2012) Phillip Herrmann sent in a photograph of Mickey's family taken at the time of her funeral. You will find it on the grandchildren's page under Gail Cook Herrmann. Thank you Phil.

Roberts Family (22 Feb 2012) We have added the family line of the Roberts Family that takes us back through New England to the distant shores of England.

Memories of "Mickey" (13 Feb 2012) Some photo memories of Michelle Herrmann Hess from our family album .

Family Newspapers Clippings from Hemlock NY (7 Feb 2012) A sampling of glimpses of our family in Hemlock between 1960 and 1965!

Gail's wonderful smile....(2 July 2011) Here is a nice photograph of Gail Cook Herrmann taken probably during the 1950s.

Andy, the Cat Cuddler (30 May 2011) Andy Cook always had a soft spot for animals. Here is an example from around 1950.

Gail Cook Herrmann in March 2000 (20 February 2011) Her son Phillipp shared this nice photo of Gail.

We have added some new Grandkids and Greatgrandchildren photographs sent by Phillipp Herrmann (20 February 2011)

Our Family Graves (7 February 2011) Would you like to visit the "Cook-Allen Cemetery"? Find out how!

Mom and Grandpa Allen's Bedside, 1979 (26 January 2011) This nice photograph captures Margaret Allen Cook comforting her father Arthur Allen Sr.

Cook Family Members in 1967 (19 January 2011) These two photographs were taken at Grandpa and Grandma Allen's 50th wedding anniversary in 1967. A nice shot of Mom and Andy.

Andy Sailing with Uncle Art (31 December 2010) These nice photographs, taken on Uncle Art's boat, show Andy Cook and Art Allen on a boat ride to Oak Orchard in the 1970s.

Family Slides (19 April 2010) We are on to page 2 of family slides!

Family Slides (13 February 2010) I have started the project of scanning slides we have from the 60s and 70s. I will be posting them on this page as I scan them. Take a look and see if you can help with the identification!

Great Grandchildren of Margaret Allen Cook (23 January 2010) Catch an updated photo of Andrew and Adam Smith!

Great Grandchildren of Margaret Allen Cook (8 December 2009) We have added the Hess boys to our growing album of great grandchildren!

Great Grandchildren of Margaret Allen Cook (8 December 2009) We have added the Hess boys to our growing album of great grandchildren!

Remembering Uncle Art (2 December 2009) The remembrance card that was passed out at Uncle Art's funeral mass serves as a reminder of the wonderful man that we will miss so much.

More Children and Grandchildren (22 October 2009) have been added to the site - check out both the Grandchildren and Great Grandchildren Pages. We also added another photo to the memorial pages for Gail Cook Hermann.

Children and Grandchildren of Gary Cook (30 August 2009) Betty Cook-Clapper recently sent in a recent photograph of the family gathered for Thanksgiving in 2008. The link takes you to the Grandchildren page, then scroll down to Gary's family. Thanks Betty!

"Little Margaret Allen" ( 24 July 2009)Three images of Margaret Allen (Cook) when she was a child growing up in Rochester.

"On City Streets" ( 20 April 2009) A new image has been added to this group of photographs from our family album which provide a glimpse of city life for the Cook kids. Many of these come from Nellis Park in Rochester.

Cooks and Herrmanns ( 28 Mar 2009) This photograph was taken around 1963, possibly in Harrisburg PA.

Our Military Hall of Fame ( 5 Feb 2009) We proudly added more family members to our Military Hall of Fame!

Cook Family Photo I and Photo II ( 4 Jan 2009) We were given some copies of photographs of Grandma Cook and many of her children. Although they are undated they appear to be from the 1960s.

Grandchildren of Margaret Allen Cook ( 3 Jan 2009) See the latest updates to this page!

George E. Allen's Pension File and Death Certificate ( 3 Aug 2008) For many years we did not know that our ancestor served in the Civil War. Several clues led us to sent for his file from the National Archives - here are some of the interesting things we found!

Louis Ahsikwarise're Herne ( 3 Dec 2006) This photo is of Grandma Cook's grandfather.

Mary Adelaide Gareau Herne in the 1930's or 40's( 3 Nov 2006) This photo is of our Great Grandmother, the mother of Grandma Cook. Thanks Elaine!

A Gathering at Huffer Road for Jackie Allen's Confirmation in 1956( 3 Sept 2006) These photos include Grandma and Grandpa Allen, Grandma McAllister, The Streb Sisters, and more!

Arthur Allen Sr at his house on Huffer Road( 25 July 2006) Here are two photographs of Grandpa Allen working around his house in Hilton.

The Allen Burial Grounds, Millville NY( 18 July 2006) Our ancestor Wm P Allen and much of his family rest in this rural cemetery in Orleans County.

Louis Teiaweka'Te Cook( 9 June 2006) Here are two photographs of Grandpa Cook from the 1940's.

Two images of Ida Tietenberg Smith( 22 April 2006) These two photographs come from early in the 20th century. One has Gr gr Grandma Smith with Grandpa Allen, the other with Mom.

Here's a cutie!( 29 Mar 2006) We have added another great-granchild on this page - introducing Emily Kathryn Cook! We also have added a photograph of her parents, Tom and Rebecca Cook to the grandchildren's page.

Our Distant Cousins(23 Feb 2006) One of the great things about doing family research is meeting long lost cousins. Here are some photographs and information we have received from these "long lost" relatives!



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