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For many years family stories told of the Waggenmachers - Grandma Elizabeth Blekkenk's maiden name. Our preliminary resource added some possible confirmation - in 1875 the Abraham Waggenmacher family lived next to John and Elizabeth Blekkenk in Rochester! They were from Holland - Abraham's wife was listed as Margareth - Elizabeth named her first daughter Margretta and a son Abraham. It just seemed a matter of time before we had actual documentation connecting the Blekkenk's and Waggenmachers.

The documentation we found, however, took us in a startling new direction. When we received the Official Transcript from the Register of Death on Elizabeth Blekkenk, we found her Father to be one Lambertus Goldenarm! Death certificates for two of the sons also confirm that Goldenarm was the maiden name of Elizabeth Blekkenk.

Further information on the Goldenarm line was found in the archives of Amsterdam, Holland. Thanks to Dutch researcher Harm Selling, we now have Elizabeth's parents and grandparents. The Amsterdam information is provided below.

Why was that name lost in the family's oral history? Was Abraham and Margareth Waggenmacher somehow connected to the Blekkenk's? Stay tuned....


Goldenarm Line

Please note: the direct line from the earliest known Blekkenk ancestors to Margaret Allen Cook are shown by a larger font size and bold print.

First Generation

1. Nanning Goldenarm. Born abt 1751 in Groningen Holland. [1] Nanning died in Amsterdam Holland, in Jan 1803; he was 52. [1] Buried on 18 Jan 1803. [1]

They gave notice of their intended marriage in Amsterdam on 18 May 1798

In 1798 when Nanning was 47, he married Elizabeth van der Heijden [1]. [1]

They had the following children:
2 i. Weijntje (1799-)
3 ii. Lambertus (1802-)


Second Generation

Family of Nanning Goldenarm (1) & Elizabeth van der Heijden


2. Weijntje Goldenarm (Nanning1). Born on 10 Apr 1799 in Amsterdam Holland. [1]

Baptised 24 Apr 1799

3. Lambertus Goldenarm (Nanning1). [2] Born on 8 Jun 1802 in Amsterdam Holland. [1]

Baptised 23 Jun 1802 [1]

On 11 Sep 1823 when Lambertus was 21, he married Margaretha Elizabeth Brands, daughter of Barend Brands & Johanna Clara Klifact, in Amsterdam Holland. [1] Born on 28 May 1803 in Amsterdam Holland. [1]

They had one child:
4 i. Wijntje Elizabeth (1837-1920)


Third Generation
Family of Lambertus Goldenarm (3) & Margaretha Elizabeth Brands

4. Wijntje Elizabeth Goldenarm (Lambertus2, Nanning1). [2], [1] Born on 27 Jan 1837 in Amsterdam Holland. [2], [1] Wijntje Elizabeth died in Rochester NY, on 3 Jul 1920; she was 83. [2] Buried on 6 Jul 1920 in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester NY. [3]

Immigrated to United States in 1848 [4]

Name listed as Maggie Golden on son Abraham's Marriage record [5]

Possibly listed as having 15 children 4 that lived to adult (hard to read on census. Could be 15 or 5) [6]

Living with daughter at Campbell Park, Rochester 24th Ward, Mother and Father listed as being born in Holland and speaking Dutch [4]

An Abraham Wagemaker was listed as living at 36 Vose St in Rochester in 1886 [7]

Alternate names have been Waggenmacher,Wagenmaker, Wagemaker,Golensmith, but we are now convinced that it was Goldenarm. (TSC May 2003)

Abt 1860 when Wijntje Elizabeth was 22, she married John H. Blekkenk. (go to Blekkenk Genealogy)[6] Born in Feb 1831 in Holland. [8], [6] John H. died in 36 Vose Str Rochester NY, on 9 Mar 1904; he was 73. [2]

They had the following children:
i. Margretta (Margaret, Maggie ) E. [5] (1866-)
ii. Abraham (1868-1951)
iii. Bertha (1871-)
iv. William (1874-1910)
v. Harriet (~1882-)


1. Harm Selling ( to Tom Cook, "Goldenarm info from Amsterdam Archives," 30 May 2003, Blekkenk notebook.
2. "Transcript from the Register of Death," County of Monroe, Rochester NY, Office of Vital Records.
3. "Mt. Hope Cemetery Burial Records," Rochester NY, photocopy.
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Abraham child of 4
Bertha child of 4
Harriet child of 4
John H. spouse of 4
Margretta (Margaret, Maggie ) E. child of 4
William child of 4
Barend parent of spouse of 3
Margaretha Elizabeth spouse of 3
Lambertus 3
Nanning 1
Weijntje 2
Wijntje Elizabeth 4
Elizabeth (van der) spouse of 1
Johanna Clara parent of spouse of 3

Photographs and Documents


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