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Although much research is still needed, it appears that the Blekkenk (Bleaking, Blakkenk, Blekkink, Bleckkenk) Family has came to America from Holland probably in the before the Civil War. John settled with his wife Elizabeth in Rochester where Blekkenk descendants are still found today. Blekkenks have spread throughout the United States, including Michigan, California, and Texas.

Special thanks to new found "cousins" who have helped with the research - Theresa Batten, Evan Blekkenk, and Ruth Blekkenk.


Blekkenk Line

Please note: the direct line from the earliest known Blekkenk ancestors to Margaret Allen Cook are shown by a larger font size and bold print.


1. John H. Blekkenk. Born abt 1831 in Holland. [1] John H. died in 36 Vose Str Rochester NY, on 9 Mar 1904; he was 73. [2] Buried on 11 Mar 1904. [3] Occupation: Laborer 136 Mill St; listed as Machinest in 1875 Census ; Tailor. [4], [1], [2]

Immigrated to the United States from Aalten, Gelderland, Holland. [19] Came in 1850 [18] or 1854.[19]

Listed as living at house on 36 Vose street in 1896 directory [5]

John H. first married Elizabeth. Born in Amsterdam Holland. [6]

They had the following children:
2 i. unknown
3 ii. unknown
4 iii. unknown
5 iv. unknown
6 v. unknown
7 vi. Henry J. (1857-1924)

John H. second married Elizabeth Goldenarm (Waggenmacher,Wagenmaker, Wagemaker,Golensmith) [2]. Born on 28 Jan 1837 in Holland. [2] Elizabeth died in Rochester NY, on 3 Jul 1920; she was 83. [2]

They had the following children:
8 i. Margretta (Margaret) (1866-)
9 ii. Abraham (1869-1951)
10 iii. Bertha (1871-)
11 iv. William (1874-1910)
12 v. Harriet (~1882-)


Second Generation
Family of John H. Blekkenk (1) & Elizabeth


2. unknown Blekkenk (John H.1).

3. unknown Blekkenk (John H.1).

4. unknown Blekkenk (John H.1).

5. unknown Blekkenk (John H.1).

6. unknown Blekkenk (John H.1).

7. Henry J. (Blekkenk) Bleaking (John H. Blekkenk1). Born on 21 Jan 1857. [7] Henry J. died on 28 Mar 1924; he was 67. [7] Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Herkimer NY. [8]

only surviving child of John's first marriage. [7]

"Henry was the only one to make it to adulthood. In fact he was about 6 or 7 when his mother died and his father remarried according to our family lore. Apparently he did not get along with his new stepmother nor his first two half siblings and ran away about the age of 12 or 13. He worked on the Erie Canal doing something and eventually settled in Little Falls NY. It was there he med and married Catherine Foley. His name had been changed by this time to Bleaking as it is now spelled...." His mother, my grandmother who was Henry's daughter said she remembered one time, two men stopped by the farm when she was a little girl & wanted to see Henry, her father. Said they were his half-brothers. But he didn;t want to see them and they never came back. They eventually moved to Herkimer NY" [7]

"According to the census in 1870, Henry at age 12 was sheeted as a master carpenter... it was shortly afterward he ran away. He later patented and sold something to the railroad company - the Pullman cars and made some money from that. Had enough then to get married and buy a farm" [7]

"Death of a Mohawk Resident. Mohawk, Mch. 31- After an illness of two years, Henry J. Bleaking died Saturday at the home of his son Andrew. He was a native of the state of Ohio and was born 67 years ago. Most of his life had been spent in Ilion and other places in the Mohawk Valley. He was a woodworking expert. Mr. Bleaking was married in 1880 to Catherine Foley of Little Falls. He is survived by his wife and seven children, being Mrs. Harry Cristman, Mrs. Leroy Cristman and John Bleaking of East Herkimer, Mrs. William Miller and Henry Bleaking of Herkimer and Mrs. George F. Brazie and Andrew Bleaking of Mohwk. The funeral was held this afternoon from the house and from the Odd Fellow's temple in Herkimer" [9]

In 1879 when Henry J. was 22, he married Catherine Foley in St. Mary's Church, Little Falls NY. "He was also Baptized into the Catholic Faith the same day." [8]

They had the following children:
13 i. Mae (1880-)
14 ii. Andrew (1884-1950)
15 iii. Margaret (1881-1942)
16 iv. Henry
17 v. Hannah (1887-1966)
18 vi. Jane (1898-1983)
19 vii. Edward


Family of John H. Blekkenk (1) & Elizabeth Goldenarm (Waggenmacher,Wagenmaker, Wagemaker,Golensmith)


8. Margretta (Margaret) Blekkenk (John H.1). Born in 1866 in Monroe Co, NY.

Margretta (Margaret) married Herbert ? Maynard [7].

They had the following children:
20 i. Fred
21 ii. Bert
22 iii. Elizabeth

9. Abraham Blekkenk (John H.1). Born in Dec 1869 in Rochester NY. [10] Abraham died in County Hospital, Rochester NY, on 4 May 1951; he was 81. [11] Buried on 7 May 1951 in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester NY. [10], [11] Occupation: Paper Cutter in Printing Office. [12]

Abraham and Emma had 9 children, 6 still living in 1910 [12]

They lived on Vose Street in 1910 [12]

In Nov 1889 when Abraham was 19, he married Mary Amelia (Emma) Kessler,, daughter of Anthony Kessler (Kesler) & Margaret (Margareth) Niner (Neidinger?). Born in Apr 1870 in Rochester NY. Mary Amelia (Emma) died in 572 Monroe Ave, Rochester NY, in Nov 1943; she was 73. [11]

They had the following children:
23 i. Hattie (Harriet) (1890-1949)
24 ii. John Henry (1892-1970)
25 iii. Margaret Emily (1898-1975)
26 iv. George (1901-1975)
27 v. Nettie (1906-1988)
28 vi. Mildred (~1910-)

10. Bertha Blekkenk (John H.1). Born in 1871.

11. William Blekkenk (John H.1). Born on 23 May 1874. [7] William died in 439 Hudson Ave, Rochester NY, on 28 Oct 1910; he was 36. [2]

lived on Hudson Avenue

William married Louisa Clara Bauer [7]. Born on 18 Sep 1874. [7] Louisa Clara died in May 1948; she was 73. [7]

12. Harriet Blekkenk (John H.1). Born abt 1882.

Had a least 3 children [7]

Harriet married Charles Richard [13]. Born abt 1882.

They had the following children:
29 i. Ethelyn (~1901-)
30 ii. Edwin C (~1903-)
31 iii. Winfield L (~1906-)

Third Generation
Family of Henry J. (Blekkenk) Bleaking (7) & Catherine Foley


13. Mae (Blekkenk) Bleaking (Henry J.2, John H. Blekkenk1). Born in Jun 1880. [7]

On 29 Nov 1898 when Mae was 18, she married Harry Christman. [7]

14. Andrew (Blekkenk) Bleaking (Henry J.2, John H. Blekkenk1). Born in 1884. [7] Andrew died in 1950; he was 66.

Andrew married Ruth Coleman.

15. Margaret (Blekkenk) Bleaking (Henry J.2, John H. Blekkenk1). Born in 1881. Margaret died in May 1942; she was 61. [7]

On 29 Jun 1910 when Margaret was 29, she married George Brasec.

16. Henry (Blekkenk) Bleaking jr (Henry J.2, John H. Blekkenk1).

On 25 Nov 1914 Henry married Elsie Ford.

17. Hannah (Blekkenk) Bleaking (Henry J.2, John H. Blekkenk1). Born on 14 Feb 1887. Hannah died on 7 Apr 1966; she was 79. [7]

Hannah married William J Miller.

18. Jane (Blekkenk) Bleaking (Henry J.2, John H. Blekkenk1). Born on 15 Apr 1898. Jane died on 26 Nov 1983; she was 85. [7]

Jane married Leroy Christman.

19. Edward (Blekkenk) Bleaking (Henry J.2, John H. Blekkenk1).

Edward married Edith Miller.


Family of Margretta (Margaret) Blekkenk (8) & Herbert ? Maynard


20. Fred Maynard (Margretta (Margaret) Blekkenk2, John H.1). [7]

21. Bert Maynard (Margretta (Margaret) Blekkenk2, John H.1).

22. Elizabeth Maynard (Margretta (Margaret) Blekkenk2, John H.1).


Family of Abraham Blekkenk (9) & Mary Amelia (Emma) Kessler


23. Hattie (Harriet) Blekkenk (Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 24 Aug 1890. Hattie (Harriet) died on 15 May 1949; she was 58. Occupation: Box maker in Paper Box Factory in 1910.

Hattie (Harriet) married Archie Brown. Born on 29 Oct 1890.

They had the following children:
32 i. Carletta (1914-)
33 ii. Eva (1915-)
34 iii. Jeanette (1916-)
35 iv. Archie (1921-)
36 v. Lewis (1923-)
37 vi. Lucille (1923-)

24. John Henry Blekkenk (Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 9 Sep 1892. [14] John Henry died in St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester NY, in Nov 1970; he was 78. [14], [11] Buried on 25 Nov 1970 in Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester NY. [15]

John Henry married Amelia Triebor in 1913. She was born on 31 Mar 1892. [11] Amelia died in 475 Grand Ave, Rochester NY, in Apr 1952; she was 60.

They had the following children:
38 i. John
39 ii. June

25. Margaret Emily Blekkenk (Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 4 Oct 1898 in Rochester NY. Margaret Emily died in Hilton NY, on 29 Sep 1975; she was 76. Buried in White Haven Cemetery, Rochester NY.

Loved to sing, sang in a speakeasy called "Soldi's" in Rochester during Prohibition [16]

On 17 Oct 1917 when Margaret Emily was 19, she married Arthur Louis Allen Sr, son of Leon Hunt Allen & Grace Smith. Born on 25 May 1898 in Rochester NY. Arthur Louis died in Brockport NY, on 17 Jul 1979; he was 81.

They had the following children:
40 i. Margaret Mildred (1918-1999)
41 ii. Arthur Louis (1923-)

26. George Blekkenk (Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 21 Oct 1901. George died in Jan 1975; he was 73. [14]

George married Miriam. Born on 25 Aug 1913. Miriam died on 4 May 1992; she was 78. [14]

They had no children.

27. Nettie Blekkenk (Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 12 Apr 1906. Nettie died on 4 Sep 1988; she was 82. [14]

Nettie married Raymond Keating. Raymond died on 23 Oct 1990.

They had one child:
42 i. Betty (-~2000)

28. Mildred Blekkenk (Abraham2, John H.1). Born abt Jan 1910. [12]

Mildred married Jay Johnson.

They had no children.


Family of Harriet Blekkenk (12) & Charles Richard


29. Ethelyn Richard (Harriet Blekkenk2, John H.1). [13] Born abt 1901.

30. Edwin C Richard (Harriet Blekkenk2, John H.1). Born abt 1903.

31. Winfield L Richard (Harriet Blekkenk2, John H.1). Born abt 1906.

Fourth Generation
Family of Hattie (Harriet) Blekkenk (23) & Archie Brown


32. Carletta Brown (Hattie (Harriet) Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Born in 1914.

Carletta married Murray.

33. Eva Brown (Hattie (Harriet) Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 12 Aug 1915.

Eva married Frank Darling.

34. Jeanette Brown (Hattie (Harriet) Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 18 Mar 1916.

35. Archie Brown (Hattie (Harriet) Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 24 Dec 1921.

36. Lewis Brown (Hattie (Harriet) Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 18 Jul 1923.

37. Lucille Brown (Hattie (Harriet) Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 18 Jul 1923.

Lucille married Roy Briggs.

They had the following children:
i. David
ii. Cynthia (1946-)


Family of John Henry Blekkenk (24) & Amelia Tribor


38. John Blekkenk (John Henry3, Abraham2, John H.1).

Military: Army Air Force, SSG # 33675803, Killed in Action in World War II [17]

39. June Blekkenk (John Henry3, Abraham2, John H.1).


Family of Margaret Emily Blekkenk (25) & Arthur Louis Allen Sr


40. Margaret Mildred Allen (Margaret Emily Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 7 Jul 1918 in Rochester NY. Margaret Mildred died in Rochester NY, on 11 Aug 1999; she was 81. Buried in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Rochester NY. Education: Earned GED diploma. Religion: Roman Catholic.

On 12 Jun 1937 when Margaret Mildred was 18, she married Stillman Thomas Tsioheri'Son Cook, son of Louis Teiaweka'Te Cook & Elizabeth Kanati'Res Herne, in Hogansburg NY. (See Family Page) Born on 12 Jun 1917 in Syracuse, Onondaga Co NY. Stillman Thomas Tsioheri'Son died in Melbourne Fl, on 26 Feb 1994; he was 76. They were divorced in 1967.

They had the following children:
i. Gail Margaret (1938-)
ii. Lawrence Allen (1939-)
iii. Gary Charles (1939-)
iv. Andrew Woodrow (1946-1999)
v. Thomas Stillman (1953-)

41. Arthur Louis Allen Jr (Margaret Emily Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Born on 17 Jul 1923 in Rochester NY. Occupation: Kodak Company, Rochester NY. Religion: Roman Catholic.

Christened 5 Dec 1926 at Holy Apostles Church, Rochester NY

On 19 Nov 1945 when Arthur Louis was 22, he married Bernice Amanda Streb, daughter of Arthur J Streb & Sarah Knipper, in St Andrews Church, Rochester NY. Born on 2 Jun 1926 in Rochester NY.

They had the following children:
i. Daniel Arthur (1946-1974)
ii. Jacquelyn Marie (1948-)
iii. Leon James (1950-)
iv. Peter Edward (1954-)
v. Andrea Dorothy (1957-)
vi. Robert William (1962-)
vii. Christine Anne (1964-)


Family of Nettie Blekkenk (27) & Raymond Keating


42. Betty Keating (Nettie Blekkenk3, Abraham2, John H.1). Betty died abt 2000.


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Edith spouse of 19
Elizabeth spouse of 1
Elsie spouse of 16
Miriam spouse of 26
Andrea Dorothy child of 41
Arthur Louis Sr spouse of 25
Arthur Louis Jr 41
Christine Anne child of 41
Daniel Arthur child of 41
Jacquelyn Marie child of 41
Leon Hunt parent of spouse of 25
Leon James child of 41
Margaret Mildred 40
Peter Edward child of 41
Robert William child of 41
Louisa Clara spouse of 11
Abraham 9
Bertha 10
George 26
Harriet 12
Hattie (Harriet) 23
John 38
John H. 1
John Henry 24
June 39
Margaret Emily 25
Margretta (Margaret) 8
Mildred 28
Nettie 27
unknown 2
unknown 3
unknown 4
unknown 5
unknown 6
William 11
Blekkenk Bleaking
Andrew 14
Edward 19
Hannah 17
Henry jr 16
Henry J. 7
Jane 18
Mae 13
Margaret 15
George spouse of 15
Cynthia child of 37
David child of 37
Roy spouse of 37
Archie spouse of 23
Archie 35
Carletta 32
Eva 33
Jeanette 34
Lewis 36
Lucille 37
Harry spouse of 13
Leroy spouse of 18
Ruth spouse of 14
Andrew Woodrow II child of 40
Gail Margaret child of 40
Gary Charles child of 40
Lawrence Allen child of 40
Louis Teiaweka'Te parent of spouse of 40
Stillman Thomas Tsioheri'Son spouse of 40
Thomas Stillman child of 40
Frank spouse of 33
Catherine spouse of 7
Goldenarm Waggenmacher,Wagenmaker, Wagemaker,Golensmith
Elizabeth spouse of 1
Elizabeth Kanati'Res parent of spouse of 40
Jay spouse of 28
Betty 42
Raymond spouse of 27
Mary Amelia (Emma) spouse of 9
Kessler Kesler
Anthony parent of spouse of 9
Sarah parent of spouse of 41
Bert 21
Elizabeth 22
Fred 20
Herbert ? spouse of 8
William J spouse of 17
UNNAMED spouse of 32
Niner Neidinger?
Margaret (Margareth) parent of spouse of 9
Charles spouse of 12
Edwin C 30
Ethelyn 29
Winfield L 31
Grace parent of spouse of 25
Arthur J parent of spouse of 41
Bernice Amanda spouse of 41
Amelia spouse of 24

Photographs and Documents


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