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The purpose of this page is to share information and photographs with relatives and descendants of Stillman and Margaret Cook. You are welcome to copy and keep any of the photographs we post! If you have any information or photographs to share, please send it along!


A collection of images of our "distant cousins"

(also see the various family genealogy pages for additional cousins)


Allen, Jesse Elizabeth (granddaughter of Wm P Allen)

The Bleakings

Strang, Muriel Grace (granddaughter of Joseph Smith)

Some Greenman Cousins

Cousins through Margaret Randall Allen Clark Mason

Kessler Cousins




Jesse Elizabeth Allen 


Jesse Elizabeth Allen Case was the granddaughter of William P Allen and niece of our George E Allen. She was the daughter of Harvey J and Selora (Lelora) Warren Allen. Born in Orleans County NY on 15 July, 1872, she married Edward Elmer Case in 1898. The Cases lived in Calhoun County, Michigan and raised three children. This photo was owned by her grandson, Thomas Case, who passed away in 2005. It was sent to us by one of his cousins, Elmer Case.

We thank Mr. Case for sharing this photograph with us.


Jesse Allen and her husband, Edward Case, date unknown.




Hannah Blekkenk, (1887-1966) @ age 19

daughter of Henry and Catherine Bleaking

Grandmother of Teri Batten

The Bleakings

The Bleakings and the Blekkenks were once one family. According to Bleaking family story, Henry, son of John H Blekkenk and oldest brother of our Abraham Blekkenk, left home at an early age to make his own way.

Moving to the Herkimer area and changing his name to Bleaking, Henry married and raised his family. Although the Rochester Blekkenks and the Bleakings were separated, there were at least two times that the two lines renewed their family ties. The first we know about was when George Blekkenk (and perhaps his brother?) traveled east from meet with the cousins.

Then recently the two lines met once again. Teri Batten, a Bleaking descendant, had already found some of the Blekkenk line that had moved from New York to Florida and Texas. Then in 2003, through the magic of the internet and emails, the Rochester Blekkenks (through their descendants at least) and the Bleakings once more restored family ties.

The photographs shown here once belonged to George Blekkenk. They had become "mystery" photographs to us - since the Bleaking connection had faded with the passing of Great Uncle George over thirty years ago. The originals have been returned to the Bleaking line.

for more information, see the Blekkenk Genealogy Page


probably Henry Bleaking jr,


probably Mae Bleaking b 1880

daughter of Henry and Catherine Bleaking

 Bleaking Family Reunion, Richfield Springs, 1918 or 1919

Elderly man at sitting on the stair railing is believed to be Henry Bleaking


probably Edward Bleaking

he met with George Blekkenk about 1960


 Some Greenman Cousins

 We received this photograph and information from our "cousin" Sheila Steward Garrett:

"He (Preserved Greenman) was my great great great great grandfather. I'm sending you a copy of the only photo I have. My Dad was the eldest son in his family and the first to leave home, so he did not have much in the way of family memorabilia. The lady in the middle of the picture is Martha Ann Greenman Stewart. Her late husband was Enoch Stewart. Her parents were Sheldon Greenman and Lydia Van Dusen, which makes her Horace Greenman's Granddaughter. (Horace was the son of Preserved, brother of our Chloe) The other people in the photo are her sons (left) J.O, Stewart, his wife Laura and their daughter Isabel; (right) Lution (my granddad), Martha Lavina, my aunt Mabel (Faye), later McKeown, and the youngest, my dad, Edwin Stewart. I believe the picture was taken in 1905. My son in Australia "tidied up" the photo....they know about Preserved burning the wagon over there too!

Thanks cousins, for sharing the photograph!

For more information, see the Greenman Genealogy Page.

 Cousins through Margaret Randall Allen Clark Mason

Since Margaret Randall Allen was widowed and married two more times after the death of William P Allen, we have several lines of cousins through her. (For more information, see the Allen Genealogy Page). Thanks to cousin Jeff Knapp, we have access to many photographs of the Clark and Mason lines. Use the link below to view them.

Jeff Knapps Photographs of our "Cousins"

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